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Core System

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Core System

Commander's Core system includes all of the accounting functionality required to adequately run your business; including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general Ledger, inventory control, check writing, motor fuel tax processing, and more.  The optional Process Automation modules automate the importation of data. 
System-Wide Features
COMPAS Commander contains many ease-of-use and data integrity features that apply across the entire system. These are generally grouped within the module called "System.
Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module provides a clean, logical flow for all purchase transactions. Plenty of flexibility is built in, too. Warehouse inventory, transport loads, store merchandise and business expenses all go in through Accounts Payable.

Accounts Receivable
Maintain flexible customer pricing plans and quickly apply receipts-on-accounts. Flexible customer pricing and billing options.
General Ledger
Its functionality reflects AIMS' design philosophy of requiring a user to make only one entry of any transaction.
All fuel, lubricant, chemical, TBA, etc. products are set up in Inventory. You can have an unlimited number of bulk plants and warehouses, and Commander will let you transfer products among them. You can even transfer from retail site to retail site.
Recurring Entries
The Recurring Entries module will let you set up equipment notes, loans to amortize, rent to collect and other such transactions once, and periodically execute them either in groups or en masse. You can post recurring entries on almost any cycle you wish.
Sales Order

Sales Order is for quick customer invoicing.  Customer debit and credit memos, charge returns, and cash returns can all be handled, in addition to the normal selling functions.  It is easy to take multiple forms of payment when using Commander for point-of-sale applications.

Stations & Stores
The Stations and Stores module lets you handle the business of wholesale dealers (load-to-load dealers), consigned dealers and company-operated c-stores.  Commander is one of the few systems that contains sophisticated features for handling consigned fuel sales.  It is very easy to enter shift reports for metered sales, along with money receipts. When it comes to handling commissions paid to consignees, Commander is in a class all by itself.
Motor Fuel Taxes

Unlike software that was not created specifically for marketers, Commander's design, from the first, incorporated provision for handling the labyrinthine tax maze that is a major reality in the marketer's world. Not only will Commander recognize and apply the correct tax on any purchase or sale, it will provide the easiest possible retrieval of the tax data you need when you file your tax reports.


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