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Did you know this about Commander?

Did you know this about Commander?
11/25/2013 4:01:23 PM

COMPAS Commander can produce the 1099K report (by location and month) and generate an export file for importing into 3rd party 1099 software such as Tax Mate. Simply open Commander and then go to:

Process Automation Modules| Credit Cards
Credit Cards Settlement Batches Report (C9CCPR01)

On the criteria screen select "1099K" for the Report Type and make sure to select the correct year. You can then click "Preview" and export the report.

The Credit Card Module is our most popular process automation module. Our clients consistently report labor time savings of over 90%! We invite you to take a look at this module's features and benefits by clicking here to go to AIMS' you tube channel link.

If you are not currently a Commander user, but would like more information on other time & money saving features our software offers, please let us know today!

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