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Need to make a change to your inventory? In Commander, here's how you do it!

Need to make a change to your inventory? In Commander, here's how you do it!
6/18/2013 10:42:45 AM

The Product Maintenance program C9INMT01 is used to add a new product into inventory, and it is found by going to: Core System │ Inventory Data Entry and Inquiry │ Product Maintenance.

To add the new product, follow these steps:

1. Click on tab 3. Prd Profile.

2. Click on the NEW button.

3. Enter the new Product ID in the Product field. In the example below, we adding new product 90.

4. In the Product Description field, enter the product description.

5. Select the Product Group associated with the product in the PRD GROUP drop down list. In our example, we used the product group "ADD - ADDITIVE”. If needed, you could add another Product Group to use.

6. Select the Product Class associated with the product in the CLASS drop down list.

7. For Product Type, select I – Standard Inventory. If this were a fuel, you would check the Multiple Tanks box.

8. Under Unit of Measure Details, set Volume to the volume per container. This could be 55 for a drum of oil, 400 for a drum of grease or 1 for a gallon of fuel.

9. Set the UM Type to "LB” and the UM Description to CS. The UM Description could be something like DR for drum, EA for each, or PL for pail.

10. If you have a warning that needs to print on the sales invoice for this product, select the appropriate code in the Warning drop down box.

11. Select the proper Tax Code based on how this product is taxed. Leave default of 1 for Standard Pack.

12. Select 2 or 5 for the Print Decimal Price field, depending upon how many decimal places the price is extended when the product is sold.

13. If this product can be sold in partial containers, you should set the Print Decimal Quantity to 2. Otherwise it should be set to 0.

14. Do NOT change the default of $0.00000 for User Cost.

15. Click Apply. Answer "Yes” to add branches to this product. Select the branch(es) you want to add. To select multiple branches, hold down the CTRL key and click on each branch to select them. The branches selected will be highlighted. Click OK button.

16. A data entry box will pop up asking for the average cost of the product. Enter the average cost in the box. If you do not know the average cost of the product, enter 1. Click the OK button.

This information and more may be found in COMPAS help file by searching for "adding”, then selecting "Adding a new product”.

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