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September 18th Webinar: Has your company outgrown QuickBooks?

September 18th Webinar: Has your company outgrown QuickBooks?
9/13/2013 1:24:16 PM

Today, an increasing number of companies are recognizing they must adopt more sophisticated, industry-specific financial management systems to properly support their business. In less than 20 minutes our upcoming webinar will address some of the unique complexities generic accounting software doesn't handle effectively, if at all, for the petroleum marketer. These include:

  • Rack-direct deliveries. Generic accounting software does not understand the difference between rack-direct sales and drops to bulk plants and consignment dealers; the result is skewed profit reporting.

  • Tracking gross profit per sale. Generic software cannot track gross profit per sale in terms of cents-per-gallon. This makes it hard to know your profitability, so you don’t know your corporate income tax liability either. Are you overpaying perhaps?
  • On-Demand Profit and Loss statements for each dealer, store, bulk plant or truck.

Click here to register for this informative webinar!

For over 40 years AIMS has been an industry leader in providing accounting software designed specifically for the petroleum marketer!

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