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AutoSIR (In-House Analysis)

AIMS' In-House Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)
AutoSIR is a comprehensive solution for addressing EPA fuel leak detection and UST compliance requirements.
Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR), inherently is the best way to address the EPA fuel leak detection and UST compliance requirements. When operating a business, time isn't always available to spare. That's one reason AIMS sought to break through the typical lag period that marketers had to wait to address EPA fuel leak detection and UST compliance requirements. Previously, marketers would have to wait for days for their Statistical Inventory Reconciliation, but with our AutoSIR software, in-house SIR is a reality just another way we stay on top of your needs to ensure that you are able to run your business efficiently.

The benefits of AutoSIR:

  • Runs in-house, on your PC, so tank and line compliance testing can be performed daily
  • Can process hundreds of UST's and associated piping in minutes
  • One of the few methods available to catch meter drift
  • Self-interpreting. No specialized training or specialized equipment necessary
  • Highly accurate; uses the Simmons Corporation's top-rated SIR software
  • Third-party certified
  • Complies with 40 CFR for stand-alone fuel leak detection
  • Least expensive method
  • Consistent with store automation strategy
  • Perpetual monitoring vs. single point in time
  • Avoids technological obsolescence; software is flexible for future EPA requirements
  • Ideal software companion to AutoSend, a simplified fuel inventory and dispatching system
For more information on AutoSIR, including additional features, click here.

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AutoSIR runs in-house on your PC so SIR (Statistical Inventory Reconciliation) UST tank and line testing can be done at any frequency you need or desire--even daily.

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