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      AIMS' Fuel Inventory Management & Dispatching Solution
AutoSend is a convenient, easy to use in-house software system that provides precise UST fuel inventory control and can help you manage your fuel dispatching requirements.
Using a touchtone telephone, employees can easily submit data to AutoSend. AutoSend is ideal for operations involving dealers and wholesale accounts, because there is no requirement for a PC or any other data collection/sending device at these locations!
Features and Benefits of AutoSend
Benefits of AutoSend's
fuel inventory management


Tank Testing

AutoSend System Capacities 
AutoSend gives daily reports of fuel sales and non-fuel sales
Allows sales data to be exported to other software packages
AutoSend provides detailed, credible inventory records:
  • daily over/short reporting
  • tanks / USTs that are out of variance allowance
  • protection during environmental audits
AutoSend provides prioritized fuel dispatch:
  • achieve reduced, balanced inventories
  • use transports more efficiently
  • eliminate haul-backs and run-outs
AutoSend is a perfect gathering system for SIR:
  • makes possible leak detection compliance through monthly SIR
  • no extra work is required to prepare data for SIR processing
  • submit data or go to in-house SIR with AutoSIR.
Up to:
  • 15 tanks / USTs per location
  • 96  pump meters per location
  • 96 categories of non-fuel data can be gathered
  •  899 locations can report into a single AutoSend system
  •  Pre-built tank charts for almost all fiberglass and steel tanks
  • Handles up to 999,999-gallon vertical or horizontal tanks (UST / AST)
  • Price Survey option lets you track competitors' street prices
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