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COMPAS 8 Process Automation Modules

COMPAS is the original acronym given to our software in 1975.  It stands for Complete Oil Marketer's Perpetual Accounting System.  Our existing clients tell us that AIMS' software, much like a compass, helps them chart the best course for managing their business profitability.  The following process automation modules are available for COMPAS 8, our legacy accounting software solution, which is a UNIX system that has been operational for over 20 years.  Hundreds of our clients still use COMPAS 8 today and every year a few new clients who prefer a UNIX solution or require a heating fuel module, elect to implement COMPAS 8.  If you are interested in learning more about COMPAS 8, please contact us.
Bank Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile bank statements with COMPAS 8 check registers, in only minutes. Reduce a time-consuming yet important task to only minutes per occasion. If your bank provides "recon files,” you can automate the process of reconciling your COMPAS 8 check registers with your banks' activity.

Bill of Lading Import

How much time are you spending entering manifest/BOL information? How about downloading BOL's directly from DTN or your supplier's website, eliminating the possibility of clerical errors and lost or misplaced BOL's? AIMS e-BOL module automates the process of imputing BOL data into COMPAS 8 BOL data can be imported allowing your staff to quickly enter drop information, saving you both time and money.


Integrates completely and automatically with the rest of the COMPAS 8 system. Operating even large numbers of cardlock sites with a great number of daily transactions can be managed in a relatively short time each day. You never double-enter anything related to Cardlock transactions. Taxes, inventory, customer billing and statements--they all flow into the main system automatically.

Cardlock Network Transactions

While the Card Lock module processes private/proprietary transactions, it can be upgraded to also handle card network transactions such as CFN or PacPride. Processing of the two types of transactions is exactly the same.

Credit Cards

One of the true "power tools” available to automate your credit card processing is AIMS' Credit Card module. It has the highest adoption rate of any optional module AIMS has yet produced. Users consistently report labor time savings of over 90%. The Credit Card processing module will provide you with the means to import, select and apply credit card settlements from oil/petroleum vendor's website, DTN or other sites. It will automatically process electronically-verified transactions and disperse credits.


If you own or operate convenience stores and you want a really cost-effective way to manage the accounting and the departmental non-fuel inventories of them, our C-store module will give you the tool to do it. The C-Stores module allows you to easily manage the following items; inventory at the category level (not item level), sales, cost of goods sold, AP invoices, AR by customer, and deposits. It will also provide income statements, for each store or for ad hoc groupings of stores, on demand.

C-Store Interface Module

If you own or operate larger numbers of convenience stores and are using 3rd party retail store software at these locations, AIMS C-Store Interface module allows you to electronically import vendor invoices, AR charge tickets, non-fuel sales, fuel sales and adjustments from your store software. All transactions flow into the appropriate COMPAS 8 files after verification and posting.

Customer EFT

Do you want to improve and shorten your collections cycle? Our EFT module automates the process of collecting payments on your customer invoices. You will have a detailed transaction report documenting all transactions as well as the ability to easily and electronically send EFT notices to each customer. Our EFT module eliminates re-keying of AR collection instructions into your bank's ACH software. It also makes the postings of collected amounts to the appropriate AR accounts, thus eliminating a great amount of time and potential error.

Document Fax

Fax invoices, EFT notices, delivery tickets, statements, etc, straight from COMPAS 8. Faxing is automatic and unattended.

Electronic Fuel Tax Filing

Simplify your tax filing process for states that require or allow electronic filing. AIMS' fuel tax filing module takes the worry and time out of filing taxes. Our customers conduct business in most of the 48 contiguous states and we understand how to prepare the required electronic schedules. COMPAS 8 automatically prepares a hard copy of each tax schedule and then AIMS automates the process of creating the electronic version required by each state. For states that accept simple .csv or .xls formatted tax reports, AIMS can provide these without 3rd party intervention.

For states that require "true EDI” filing, clients may us AIMS' AutoTax solution or we can interface to your exisiting 3rd party solution such as Zytax.  For states that require "true EDI” filing, clients may us AIMS' AutoTax solution or we can interface to your exisiting 3rd party solution such as Zytax.  
E - Invoicing

Electronic import of fuel invoices from oil/petroleum vendor's website, DTN or other sites. This module will typically provide about a 90% reduction in labor time involved with matching BOL's to fuel supplier invoices.

E - Metering

Electronic upload of delivery orders generated in COMPAS 8's Fuel Delivery module to truck computer systems (Liquid Controls and Mid.Com); subsequently, you can download invoices created on truck metering systems into COMPAS 8.0.

Fuel Delivery - Home Heating, LP Gas, Degree Day

The Fuel Delivery module is for deliveries of heating fuel. It comes standard with degree day forecasting, route scheduling and sales. Handles budget customers.

Fuel Inventory Data Import

AIMS has numerous ways to automate the importation of stick (ATG) and meter/totalizer readings into COMPAS 8. We have interfaces to AIMS' AutoSend / AutoSIR software, Intellifuel, the Simmons Corporation and a method of capturing data directly from your z-tape with our FSM solution.


Allocate a c-store employee's payroll to multiple stores within same pay period. Driver's split of freight revenue goes directly to payroll. Handles bonuses, vacation pay, garnishments, 401[k] and cafeteria, and tracking of vacation and sick hours allowed vs. used.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Allows for paychecks to be deposited via EFT directly into employees' bank accounts.

Purchase Order

This module allows you to pre-enter products other than fuels into your inventory, just as a BOL entry allows pre-entry of fuels. The Purchase Order module confirms quoted vendor's costs and begins inventory tracking immediately. Pre-entered inventory is available for sale immediately. Drop-shipping is also supported.

Rack Price

Are you spending a lot of time keeping track of ever-changing rack prices? Then you need COMPAS 8's Rack Price Import module. Manually keeping up with price changes throughout the day can be a challenge. Clerical errors can sometimes cause mistakes in customer billing. These problems cut into your profits. There is a better way to make sure that you maintain your necessary margins on fuel prices. Our Rack Price module simplifies your fuel price maintenance and eliminates accidentally using the wrong cost basis for drops! Update price files directly from DTN, AXXIS or suppliers' websites.

Rebate Module

If you sell products for which your vendors allow rebates to your company, the Rebates Module can automate the process of accounting for those rebates. It is the best way to maintain and generate vendor rebate schedules. Not only does the Rebate Module give you easy reporting of rebate-eligible products , it can be used to discount cost (and optionally, the price) and when calculating COGS; profit reporting will be correct.

Report Writer

Create customized reports using any information contained in the COMPAS 8.0 files (hundreds of reports are already standard in the system)

Salesmen's Commission

For companies that employ commissioned salespeople, the Salesmen's Commission Module automates the tedious tasks of sales tracking and profit and commission calculation. As a by-product of customer invoicing, it captures data and calculates commissions, using an impressive variety of methods.
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