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SIR Extended Capabilities

CONSIRN  (Continuous Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Network) Service is designed as an extension of our industry leading SIR technology.  CONSIRN provides a fully integrated system to monitor dispensing, inventory and delivery of your most valuable asset – fuel inventory.  It provides the key management analysis and reporting to prevent losses and maximize your profits.

» Primary Benefits

Fuel loss is identified in terms of time and reason. CONSIRN collects data in real time, analyzes all variables (sales, product levels and deliveries) and identifies fuel losses that require immediate attention.  By continuously monitoring product levels and sales, CONSIRN pinpoints losses from:
  • Short deliveries into the tank system with temperature and sales included (#1 source of lost fuel)
  • Unrecorded product removal (#2 largest reason for lost fuel)

» Secondary Benefits

  • Dispensing meter calibration errors
  • Blend valve failure or errors

Problems are quickly identified and reports generated for corrective action before your profits are literally given away.  Flexible and customizable reporting capabilities allow you to design the management tools you need to analyze and make immediate corrections to site problems.  Reports are quickly generated and transmitted to headquarters, a regional office, or vendor of choice.  Accurate inventory control has never been easier.

» Additional Benefits

  • CONSIRN collects and analyzes all of the fuel inventory information. 
  • In addition to fuel loss determination, CONSIRN:
    • Identifies equipment malfunctions
    • Reports flow rate through each hose
    • Reduces labor cost to support site
      • Dispensing meter calibration
      • Filter installation
    • Tank conversion (chart error) CONSIRN creates and implements accurate charts
    • Automates the fuel reconciliation process
    • Produces compliance reports for the entire system – tanks and lines
    • Provides daily inventory and interactive dispatch capability (optional)
Key reports from the system include: 
Delivery Exception, Unrecorded Product Removal, Delivery VS Inventory, Product Over/Short by Type
Additional Reports:
Monthly Compliance, Delivery History, Daily Over/Short, Dispenser Meter Calibration, Flow Rate

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