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Wet Stock Management provides key management analysis and reporting to prevent losses and maximize your profits by giving you a daily/weekly snapshot of pass/fail statistics on your tanks.  No more month end surprises. You get immediate visibility into issues before they drain your profits.

» Primary Wet Stock Benefits

Fuel loss is identified in terms of time and probable reason. WSM process's data you provide in electronic format daily, analyzes all variables (sales, product levels and deliveries) and identifies fuel losses that require immediate attention based on our proven trend analysis:

  • Daily alerts for sudden or large losses
  • Weekly non compliance status reports – pass, fail, inconclusive
  • Drill down exception reporting on problem tanks
  • Five week trend comparison
  • Sortable data and results

» Secondary Benefits

  • Data edit/audit ability
  • Flexible reporting – divisions/districts
  • FTP Data submission

Problems are quickly identified and reports generated for corrective action before your profits are literally given away.  Flexible and customizable reporting capabilities allow you to design the management tools you need to analyze and make immediate corrections to site problems.  Reports are quickly generated and transmitted to headquarters, a regional office, or vendor of choice.  Accurate inventory control has never been easier.

» Additional SIR Benefits

  • Third party Compliance reporting for tanks and lines
  • Monthly Inventory Control reports
  • Requires no capital investment
  • Seamless data transfer from any back office system directly into our host computer
  • Delivery discrepancies reported
  • One-time gain or loss reporting
  • Meter calibration issues
  • Tank chart issues identified

Alert Investigation Procedure (AIP) forms to complete when tank issues arise and a knowledgeable support staff to support your efforts

  • Monthly SIR reports can be emailed, faxed or mailed to your contact
  • Allows SIR management from any computer with internet access

For more information about WSM, please complete the contact us form.



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