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Ancillary Services

Web Dispatching ensures accurate, timely dispatching scenarios in order to facilitate the processing of data collected from various sources in the C-store environment. The Web dispatching module is available to all petroleum marketers, both AIMS and non-AIMS clients.

Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) Service provides an EPA 3rd party certified Quantitative SIR analysis report that identifies the minimal detectable leak rate and measured leak rates in accordance with guidelines published by the EPA and the National Work Group on Leak Detection Evaluations (NWGLDE).

CONSIRN (Continuous Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Network) Service is designed as an extension of our industry leading SIR technology. CONSIRN provides a fully integrated system to monitor dispensing, inventory, and delivery of your most valuable asset – fuel. It provides key management analysis and reporting to prevent losses and maximize your profits.

FTS, Daily Fuel Tank Solution, is the most comprehensive, flexible, and cost-efficient solution for managing your total fuel inventory. This program includes:

Base Service: makes daily calls to ATGs Tank inventory, generates and emails inventory and alarm reports, creates a web presentation of information gathered for remote viewing, and more.

Instant Inventory: With authorization, instantly receive an unlimited number of fuel level with this web-based program. Instant Inventory allows companies to monitor high-volume sites that require real-time inventory access.

Compliance Report: This program monitors all ATGs that have compliance programs already installed. It then posts all test tank results online for your review every Wednesday.

Wet Stock Management provides key management analysis and reporting to prevent losses and maximize your profits by giving you a daily or weekly snapshot of pass/fail statistics on your tanks. No more month-end surprises. This solution gives you immediate visibility into issues before they drain your profits.

McAfee SaaS Email Protection allows you to automatically block spam, phishing scams, and viruses in the Cloud before they reach your network. You can also block outbound emails containing inappropriate, unauthorized, or sensitive information.

Disaster Recovery Services include, but are not limited to: online backup solutions, redundant hardware, instant recovery on demand, testing solutions to validate recovery, mobile offices equipped with power, satellite telecommunication, and a complete office environment.



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