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Downloadable Articles and White Papers

The following articles and white papers are available to provide you with additional insight and observations about relevant issues facing petroleum marketers today.  We hope you find these beneficial in your search for information.  Please let us know if there are other topics you would like for us to include in our resources section. 
If you are interested in receiving any of the tools in an Excel spreadsheet, please contact us about your specific request.  We will be happy to send you these in a working document.

AIMS Brochures
n/aDownload FileCC Report Writer n/a
Business Continuity / Recovery
11/17/2010Download FileWhat Is Your Cost of Downtime 1
11/17/2010Download FileBusiness Continuity/Disaster Recovery Guide 1
11/17/2010Download FileBusiness Impact Analysis Overview 1
11/17/2010Download FileBusiness Impact Analysis Tools 1
11/17/2010Download FileBest Practices for Tape Storage 1
Email, Virus, Spam Protection
11/22/2010Download FileAIMS SaaS Email Protection 1
Business Activity Ratios
11/17/2010Download FileRatios Showing the Efficiency of Your Business 1



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