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Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Introduction to Business Continuity Planning
If you are petroleum marketer you most likely have considered the business processes and software applications necessary to run your business successfully. But have you taken time to plan for the complete recovery of these critical business processes, or have you just focused on the recovery of your data? In today's business environment, a business accounting system is entwined with the business processes it supports.

The world of finance understands the real cost of lost orders, regulatory penalties and ratings downgrades. That's why so many major banks and financial services companies have a detailed disaster recovery solution to keep their applications and data online at all times. We believe the petroleum marketer's accounting applications are just as critical to their business survival.

Preparing for the Worst

The experts say, (it is not "if”, it is "when”) a disaster will likely impact your company at some point. Questions to ask yourself now are: How severe will the impact be?  Can my critical, time-sensitive business processes continue to ensure my company functions reliably?

Most marketers think about disaster recovery in terms of data backup or system recovery. Only a select few consider the real impact on their business if their business processes are interrupted. This group understands that data recovery, system recovery and business recovery are different, yet intertwined, and each deserves special attention to successfully recover.

AIMS' Solutions

A true recovery process accounts for potential elapses in productivity, time-sensitive business glitches, financial impacts, and – most importantly – prevention and solutions. Not only will we provide you with hardware and software solutions, but we will assist you with impact assessment and help you develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan designed to protect your company's most vital and critical processes and software applications.

Determining the best disaster recovery plan for your business takes time, with a wide range of financial and non-financial considerations to keep in mind. The time-consuming, tedious process of developing a just-in-case scenario for data recovery can be overwhelming. That's why we're here.

AIMS can work with you to develop a detailed plan for your company, which includes all of the necessary components including, but not limited to: on-line backup, redundant hardware, instant recovery on-demand, testing solutions to validate recovery, and mobile solutions equipped with power, satellite telecommunication and a complete office environment that can be deployed to the location of your choice.  Your business can operate virtually anywhere.

Regardless of the accounting software you are using today, AIMS can create a comprehensive recovery plan for you.
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