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AIMS' History

Dr. Bob Canterbury, a professor of computer programming at Northeast Louisiana University, incorporated AIMS in 1968 as a sideline consulting business.  In 1975, Dr. Canterbury's nephew, who owned a Shell Oil jobbership, told his uncle that he was ready to get a computer system for his business.  There was just one problem: No such computer system existed.  As they saw it, there was just one reasonable solution Dr. Canterbury would have to write one.  The following year, AIMS became the first company to produce and install computer software designed specifically for petroleum marketers. The system was called the Complete Oil Marketers Perpetual Accounting System, or COMPAS.  Once COMPAS was installed in the nephew's Shell Oil jobbership, news spread quickly and AIMS soon became the premiere information processing partner for petroleum marketers.
In 2005, AIMS announced the release of COMPAS Commander, a totally rewritten accounting software solution developed in a true windows environment using the latest Microsoft technology.  Today, Commander has quickly become a tier one solution for all petroleum marketers and has been readily adopted by new clients as well as our existing customers.
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