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Disaster Recovery Services

AIMS, along with our partners, can work with you to develop a detailed plan for your company, which includes all of the necessary components including, but not limited to: on-line backup, redundant hardware, instant recovery on demand, testing solutions to validate recovery and mobile offices equipped with power, satellite telecommunication and a complete office environment. Your business can operate virtually anywhere.   Regardless of the accounting software you are using today, we can create a comprehensive recovery plan for you.
We hope the following guides and templates help you develop a comprenhensive recovery plan.  All are printer friendly, however if you would like templates in an Excel format, just let us know and we will be happy to provide them.  Please contact us to learn more about our disaster recovery solutions. 

Recovery SolutionsIntroduction
Recovery Guide
This guide is intended to simplify the concept of a recovery planning process by covering four major areas, data, servers & applications, communication and people.  Use it as a starting point.  Investing some time and a few dollars now can save you money — or even your entire business — down the road.  
Tornado Preparedness Checklist for Your BusinessUse this checklist for help in minimizing risk to your business, and help protect your most important asset - your people.
Glossary of Terms
This Glossary of Terms is not all inclusive, but represents most of the terms that petroleum marketers will encounter in preparing their disaster recovery plan.  Individual vendors have their unique descriptions which can usually be matched to one of these terms. 
Business Impact Analysis Template
Business Impact Analysis Template - The single most important thing we can do is help you understand the criticality of each application, supporting hardware/server/pc and the required network infrastructure, should you experience any type of unplanned disruption. This template is intended to be a high-level summary of your critical business applications, servers, and business functions. It will assist you in accessing recovery options for each application based upon the impact to you business if any of your applications are not available for a specific period of time.
ARCserve Data Backup Solutions
CA ARCserve Backup offers superior functionality for businesses of every size and type that need to protect the data they rely on each day. In this way, CA ARCserve Backup helps ensure that the data your organization creates is protected and recoverable following a disaster or disruption.
Seismic Instant Recovery On Demand by CA
Seismic Instant Recovery On Demand by CA is a powerful, highly sophisticated, host-based business-continuity service offering that provides businesses uninterrupted access to critical applications and data during a system failure, unplanned outage or disaster — with no capital investment.
Mobile Office Units
ReadySuite business continuity resources include fully-equipped mobile office units, power generators, satellite capabilities, servers, computers, networking equipment, printers, fax machines and more, which can be immediately deployed to the location of your choice.  All of these resources are maintained in a state of permanent readiness.



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