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The Web Dispatching module was created with the dispatcher in mind.  This exclusive design has incorporated many safe guards to ensure accurate, yet timely dispatching scenarios in order to facilitate the processing of data collected from various sources in the C-store environment.  Typical dispatchers/managers are searching for time saving techniques. We provide the training, support and know-how to implement a Quick-Time/Real-Time solution for your dispatching demands.  The Web dispatching module is available to all petroleum marketers, both AIMS and non-AIMS Clients.   Data can easily be shared between COMPAS Commander and the Web Dispatching module.

Key features
  • Automates recommended dispatching per location
  • Run-out in order of importance
  • Quick glance feature concerning levels and site anomalies
  • Automated data collection from all ATG's, POS systems and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) resources
  • Estimated inventories from sites without ATG's
  • Multiple sort/search features
  • Order integrity verification
  • Split loads
  • Navigate effortlessly from one screen to the other
  • Run-out Scheduling of deliveries by day/hour
  • Variable settings for all sites/vendors/terminals/drivers with individual default settings
  • Production tools to effortlessly move data from recommended loads to the dispatch, to the delivery ticket
  • Commercial site screen to allow call-in orders for the receptionist to input

By combining the Web Dispatching with the Fuel Tank Solutions program, we can help you create a complete solution to ensure your profitable growth.

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