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Jobber Accounting Software

Petroleum Accounting Software for the Wholesale Petroleum Marketer "Jobber"
Business conditions demand the utmost efficiency and accuracy in the processing of fuel and lubricant purchases and sales. Commander is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced petroleum accounting software, "jobber software" on the market. The key concept for any business today is "unpredictable change. You can't afford to be limited by your accounting technology. COMPAS Commander's flexible design allows you to quickly adapt to unpredictable change. 

 "Your service and support team are always extremely fast in resolving any issues. Commander is a strong product; it does what we need it to do with inventory control, sales, A/R, A/P and more. Your team is terrific.

Jesse Roberts

CFO & Comptroller
May and Carter Oil Company
Jackson, Georgia

Core System features:
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Sales Order
  • Service Stations
  • Tax Reporting
Process Automation Modules available include:
  • Bill of Lading Import
  • Cardlock
  • Cardlock Network Transactions
  • Credit Cards
  • C-stores
  • Customer EFT
  • Document Distribution
  • Electronic Fuel Tax Filing
  • Fuel Inventory Data Import
  • Journal Entry Import Interface
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Payroll Interface
  • Rack Price
  • Rebate Module
  • Salesman's Commission
  Software Functionality
  • Jobber-specific tax computation and reporting for one state or fifty
  • Total flexibility for handling tax exceptions
  • Total flexibility for setting up customer pricing
  • Split loads
  • Vehicle and/or driver productivity reporting
  • Repackaging/customer blending of products
  • Wholesale and cosigned dealer accounting
  • Dealer commission computation
  • Computation of freight charges for any product
  • Complete hazmat and product warning language for invoices and shipping documents
  • Fast and easy reconciliation of BOLs to invoices

Software Technology

  • Completely VB.NET-based Microsoft's strategy for building rich applications assessable by smart devices
  • SQL Server 2012 database engine provides the highest levels of security, reliability and scalability
  • Extremely scalable, supporting the smallest to the largest marketer

Business Benefits

Windows Platform - Industry standard, leading-edge technology. The Windows platform is the industry standard for desktop and small-business computing. If you need a Windows expert for something, you can find one.  If you need Windows-specific training for your people, you can get it.  If you need a program to do XYZ, there's an interface for it.

Full-strength scalable relational database enables flexibility and data mining. AIMS built Commander around a full relational database SQL server. The database is incredibly central to the concept of flexibility. It allows knowledgeable people to look at things in ways and combinations no one ever thought of when the system was being designed. These tools bring something to a sophisticated business manager that he or she can use effectively: To look at the business data in ways that are meaningful based on personal insight; to learn things, to predict change and grow.

Data can be exchanged easily. To be useful, communication of data must have the ability to be shared with various stakeholders. XML is an underlying technology for exchanging data. With our products, it is trivially easy to import data from suppliers, customers and others, and vice versa.

Standardized and unified development framework makes development faster and cheaper. Making tasks simpler for programmers means the business owner can get things done faster, easier, cheaper and more efficiently.

Data security. Commander ties in with and utilizes the inherent Windows user identification/authorization system with specific details for our application. Microsoft has an established track record of finding problems and fixing them fast and is the world's leading system for distributing fixes and updates painlessly.

Commander's Process Automation Modules
Would you like for your company to be more efficient and profitable? Our clients report that it takes 75% less time to enter data using AIMS' process automation modules than entering data manually.

We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your operations so your business can grow. Our process automation modules are designed to simplify your work, providing you and your team more time to do what is important, manage your business profitability.
Core SystemCommander's Core System provides a marketer with all of the basic functionality required to run their business, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, motor fuel tax reporting and more.  
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