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Alliance Partners

At AIMS, we realize the importance of partnerships and alliances with fellow suppliers in the fuel industry.  We continually strive to work with companies whose offerings complement our own software and services.  These partnerships enable us to provide our clients more options and automation capabilities.  AIMS has electronic interfaces to most if not all of these partners.  We believe our "Best of Breed" attitude allows you to select the products and solutions that best fit the needs of your organization.

Backup & Recovery
AIMS has teamed with an elite group of partners who will work with all petroleum marketers to develop a detailed disaster recovery solution for your company.  Our solutions include all of the necessary components including, but not limited to: on-line backup, redundant hardware, instant recovery on demand, testing solutions to validate recovery, and mobile solutions equipped with power, satellite telecommunication and a complete office environment that can be immediately deployed to the location of your choice.  We are committed to your successful recovery should you experience an unplanned outage.  Whether you are an AIMS' client or not give us a call.  We are happy to assist you with creating an appropriate recovery solution for your business. To learn more about our disaster recovery services, visit our disaster recovery page.
Cardlock Devices
Cardlock providers offer integrated fueling card processing solutions to fleet managers and owners, whether proprietary or network, designed to provide the industry with fueling products 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
Convenience Store Software Providers
Commander is one of the few systems that integrates with most of the major retail software solutions.  If you own or operate a large number of convenience stores and are using third party retail store software at these locations, you can be confident that your data; shift reports, fuel inventory, etc, can be electronically imported into AIMS' accounting software. 
Data Integration Service Providers
COMPAS Commander imports data from every major data integration service provider.  These companies offer a steady stream of vital supplier data including rack prices, invoices and BOLs via a standard electronic format that reduces if not eliminates the manual entry of data into Commander .  AIMS can also import data directly from most fuel suppliers' websites, given that they can provide us with a readable file.
Motor Fuel Tax Filing Companies
AIMS has a stand-alone tax solution which offers all marketers a better choice when filing EDI motor fuel tax schedules. Whether you are a current AIMS client or not, you will be able to use this solution and eliminate the need for other EDI tax reporting software.  However, should you already be using another solution, AIMS also has interfaces to these other tax reporting products. 
Network Security and Intrusion Prevention
After a long standing partnership with MX Logic, who was acquired by McAfee® in September 2009, AIMS, Inc. will continue our partnership with the group that is now operating as McAfee SaaS.  AIMS, Inc. will continue to offer the McAfee® Email Protection Service and McAfee® Web Protection Service.  These hosted offerings provide petroleum marketers with an effective first line of defense at the network perimeter to prevent vulnerabilities and threats such as spam, worms and spyware from entering a managed network.
Truck Software Solutions
AIMS is a recognized leader in optimizing the flow of business information for the distribution and logistics industries. Our partner interfaces provide you with management visibility across your business and the information required to improve productivity and boost your profitability.



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